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South Florida Fair- Palm Beach, Florida

South Florida Fair Palm Beach Florida… One of our favorite fairs to go to is The South Florida Fair. The fair is in January each year and last 17 days which is unusual unless you are in South Florida, the cooler temperatures and sunny days make this fair a crowd-pleaser. This is one big fair, honestly, if you spent the entire day there you probably wouldn’t see it all. I go up and down the food aisles for hours,

I swear, just to find the best thing to eat. No shortage of food for sure, I think this is the place the vendors try next years fried dessert first. Many rides and exhibits, like most fairs however the uniqueness of South Florida is everywhere at the fair.

Some history for you…. The fair began as the Palm Beach County Fair in March 1912, the Great Depression caused the South Florida Fair to operate with only a midway before ceasing to operate at all in 1937 also due to the effects from the Great Depression. The attack on Pearl Harbor in December 1941 disrupted plans to restore the South Florida Fair in 1942. The fair resumed in 1946 at the Palm Beach International Airport, it was moved off of that site when the Airport began to operate during the Korean War. The Fair was moved to the Palm Beach Speedway from 1953 to 1955 and it was also incorporated in 1953. Again, the location was moved to the campus of Palm Beach Community College in 1956; the property was later given back to the college. In 1957, the fair was moved from John Prince Memorial Park. Finally, in 1958, the Palm Beach Speedway was purchased and is still the current location of the fair. The fair was renamed South Florida Fair to its present-day name for the 1960 event. The fairgrounds site occupies 100 acres now.
The annual fair attracts nearly 500,000 people through its turnstiles. However, 650,000 people will attend various events on the Fairgrounds on an annual basis. Besides the 150,000 sq ft. South FloridExpo Center, there are 10 other smaller exhibit buildings along with the Cruzan Amphitheater, the Agriplex “agricultural complex”, Palm Beach Model Railroaders and Yesteryear Village.
Speaking of Yesteryear Village, our favorite place at the fair grounds.  A history park, and I do mean a park, plenty of grass area to sit and people watch while enjoying your ice cream, exhibit on 10 acres, showcasing buildings and artifacts from the 1850’s to the 1950’s. It exhibits a large collection of early, original, and replicated buildings, including an old school, a farm, a blacksmith shop, a general store, a church, a fire department, a post office, a bait & tackle shop,a dental office, and the famed Riddle House. Included is the only big band museum in the United States, the Sally Bennett Big Band Hall of Fame Museum.

I have wonderful memories of the Fair with each year passing i cant wait for the next.

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