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St. Augustine and Melbourne, Florida

My wonderful posse
Our first trip of 2016 started in the great city of Melbourne Florida. We have been wanting a long weekend for some time now as the long holidays with friends and family are the best time of the year for sure, a long weekend is what was needed.
Melbourne Florida, set beside the Indian River Lagoon along Florida’s Space Coast, Melbourne offers beaches, fishing, golf, snorkeling and many other outdoor activities. You can bask in the sunshine on miles and miles of unspoiled beaches by daylight or, at night, enjoy a romantic moonlit walk, complete with tropical breezes. You’ll find all types of shopping and restaurants in Historic Downtown Melbourne and elsewhere in and near town. Within an easy drive of the Kennedy Space Center, Melbourne also is the home of annual festivals such as the Independent Filmmaker’s Festival, Arts Festival, Aviation Day and Oktoberfest.
Our one must do while in Melbourne Florida is a stop at Squid Lips everyone’s’ local dive. Since 2004, Squid Lips has served up quality food and friendly and attentive service, all offered in a unique and casual environment. With unique oak grilled entrees and freshly breaded fare, Squid Lips is a favorite place for locals and tourists alike.

Salty ocean breezes, the warmth of sunshine, the thrill of offshore fishing, the coolness of an icy drink: ah, the coastal life! We go to recharge and revitalize, dig our toes in the sand, and launch our boat for an excursion.
There our worries slip away, and we wish such days would last forever. Of course, the folks at Squid Lips Over-water Grill know that no day on the water is complete without great food—whether it’s succulent grilled or fried shrimp or a tender, delicious steak cooked to perfection over the oak grille.
That’s why they offer up the tastiest morsels in a fun, casual environment, perfect for waterfront and inland locations alike. Squid Lips customers get to indulge in the best of the waterfront.
Up next the old city of Florida, St. Augustine. The nation’s oldest continuously inhabited city, St. Augustine, is on the northeast coast of Florida between Jacksonville and Daytona Beach. Its historic district is filled with quaint cafes, bars, bed and breakfasts and of course, shops.

The cobblestone streets will take you back a century as you explore the old Conquistador village. There’s even the Fountain of Youth Archaeological Park, complete with “fountain.”

Castillo de San Marcos

Castillo de San Marcos St. Augustine Florida

Additionally, take a tour through the Castillo de San Marcos National Monument, once the city’s defense fort. Made of coquina, a rock formed from shell and coral, this monument took 23 years to build. Fort Matanzas is a watchtower used by the Spanish in the mid- to late 1700s. The Lightner Museum is also a must-see—its collection of shrunken heads and mummies will add a little spook to your haunted tours. And don’t forget the beach! Anastasia State Park is a beautiful nature-lover’s dream.

Of course when ever we get close to St Augustine you must go to World of Golf Village and enjoy a bit at the famous Caddyshack.

Brother Bob and myself in front of Caddyshak
A five-year dream finally became a reality June 7, 2001, when comedian Bill Murray and his five brothers – actors Brian, Joel, John and businessmen Andy and Ed opened the first Murray Bros. Caddyshack at World Golf Village. Designed to look and feel like a country club gone awry, the restaurant combines the brothers’ sense of irreverence with their love of golf.
As co-founder and co-chairman Andy is intimately involved with the restaurant’s operations, while his brothers, all partners, make appearances as well as offer their wit and experience as consultants. With more than 8,000 square feet of dining space, the flagship restaurant includes the Bunker Bar, with two, 150-inch quad television screens plus additional TVs to cover multiple sporting events and the Looper’s Lounge, which doubles as a game room with another wide-screen TV and an area to accommodate large groups. The Shed sells Murray Bros. Caddyshack merchandise such as t-shirts, hats, souvenirs, and fun golf stuff. While there is a wall displaying pictures and a script from the movie Caddyshack and diners might spot random gophers, the décor and memorabilia of Murray Bros. Caddyshack focus on the brothers, the sport of caddying and the classic Murray humor. Lawn mowers, rakes, pails and kegs all have a place in the restaurant and sight gags abound.
The management team selected World Golf Village as the flagship location because of its numerous golf distinctions: home of the World Golf Hall of Fame, the World Golf Foundation, PGA TOUR Productions, The First Tee and the only golf course designed collaboratively by Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer. In addition to these golf ties, it is ideally located within driving distance of the Jacksonville metropolitan area and historic St. Augustine, which provides a strong, local customer base from which to draw. World Golf Village is also located along the east coast I-95 corridor, which handles more than 18 million travelers annually.
What a great weekend to spend time eating great food, taking some great walks and doing a little shopping, just what we needed.

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