Find Your Next Adventure


Hello all welcome to my website Obbergo.com.  My name is Steve Middleton, with my loving wife Debbie and our faithful dog Simon; we love to go on all types of adventures. The purpose of our website is to help you find your next great adventure. We’re a typical middle-aged couple in our 50s and our kids are grown.  We have three weeks of vacation and 52 weekends a year like most everybody else, but it’s what you do for those fabulous three weeks and those 104 weekend days that may be your key to happiness, okay maybe at least a little bit of fun.
We are inviting you to go through our website becoming an Obbergoer. What is in Obbergoer?   It is simply a registered member of our website that loves adventures.  We are asking you to sign in, tell a little bit about you, what you did on your adventure, and upload some pictures.  It’s fun and easy, and as our website grows it will become a great information source to find something to do on each and every weekend. All 50 states are represented. We have five of our favorite headings; Wineries & Breweries, Amusement Parks, Fairs & Festivals, Lakes & Beaches, and Camping in each state but you’re sure not limited to those five headings if you have other adventures we want to hear about. Look, going down to your neighborhood park and watching the dogs roam around is a great adventure in many people eyes same as claiming a rock wall in the middle the Rocky Mountains. So don’t limit yourself – even the small adventures in life are worthwhile. Hope to hear from you soon!

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